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Alpha & Omega Rollover Plan

The first step towards unlocking financial freedom.

          TAX SAVINGS - With a qualified plan (401K, 403B, SEP, etc.) you have to pay taxes on 100% of your money and your growth within the account. With our Rollover program we can arrest the taxes on your growth FOREVER! Why invest taxed, when you can invest tax free?

          REDUCED RISK - Having your retirement tied to the market is great. Until it isn't. How about putting your money where it has a guaranteed and insurance-backed minimum growth?

          MORE CONTROL - With qualified plans, you are limited in what you can do with your money. Where to invest it, when to take it out, how much to take it out. But with our program, you have much more flexibility and can use your money your way.

          HIGHER ESTATE VALUE - Instead of letting the market's whims control the quality of your retirement, and then leaving your heirs whatever is left over, take control and invest your money in a way that it will create immediate, long-lasting value.

          LIVING BENEFITS - You can get an early payout of part of your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness so you don't have to deplete your retirement account to take care of yourself.


Five Major Advantages of
Alpha & Omega Qualified Rollover Plan


Let Our Experience be Your Guide

Why haven't the professionals working for you told you about this before? Your CPA, your tax attorney, your estate planning attorney, and your financial planner may understand their respective fields, but because the Alpha and Omega Rollover Program utilizes elements of tax law, financial investments, estate planning, and business structuring, your advisors cannot duplicate this program without (1) understanding what the program is and how it works, (2) having an expert-level understanding of their own field, (3) understanding how their field interacts and intersects with the other professional planning disciplines, and (4) working with the other professionals to provide a program that takes advantage of the law in each of their spheres to your maximum advantage.

At Alpha and Omega, we have a team of professionals, including CPAs, financial advisors, experts in business structures, and tax professionals—and we have developed the Alpha and Omega Program for the purpose of freeing invested monies from the self-interested clutches of the government and putting it in your hands so you can control your own future and increase your earning potential. And the IRS signs off on it.

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