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About Us

Meet your guide towards financial freedom!


Your Wealth Preservation Partner

With 50+ years of combined professional experience serving all 50 states, Alpha and Omega has extensive experience managing the wealth of not only the ultra-high net worth individuals but also novice individuals who are just starting to build their generational wealth.

The Alpha and Omega “Preservation Company” approach is based on the trusted relationship of our Financial Professionals and their clients. Our experienced professionals are committed to understanding clients’ needs and delivering insightful, informed advice to help them realize their dreams by taking the wealth-building and tax-savings strategies of the 1% and making them available and attainable to the 99%.

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Our Associates


Ms. Angela Lopez

Life Insurance Agent and Wealth Preservation Professional

1. Top Producer for multiple insurance carriers since 2016.
2. Chief of Operations for Alpha and Omega WPG
In her professional business career, her main focus is being honest with her clients and affiliate agents. She has grown a team of affiliate agents with her partners and retains a successful team of top producers in the industry of life insurance. Teaching her clients the importance of keeping their hard-earned money and preserving it for their current and future financial sustainability is her primary focus.


  Years of combined

professional experience


Alpha and Omega is Your Best Partner for your Wealth Preservation

At Alpha and Omega we have spent years helping our clients build wealth that can be used to not only fund their retirements but provide for their families for generations to come.

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