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Protection Plus Insurance Contract (PPIC)

The 1%'s Little Secret

What is a Protection Plus Insurance Contract?

Protection Plus Insurance Contracts allow you to not only make tax-free investments but use your money when you need it. You can put your money away, build interest, and earn compound interest, with little to none being shared with the government. You can also leave money to your heirs without subjecting it to income tax, so it can accumulate, be distributed, and have your death benefit passed down without any additional taxes.

Unlike more traditional retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s, Protection Plan Insurance Contracts can grow without stock-market risk, while still offering competitive growth. There are no penalties for using your money, and a permanent and guaranteed death benefit beyond the cash value is included. That death benefit can also be accessed in part to pay for assisted living for long-term care and chronic-care expenses while you’re still alive.


This All Sounds Great! How Do I Go About Setting Up A Protection Plus Insurance Contract (PPIC)?


Not everyone qualifies for a Protection Plus Insurance Contract, sign up now for a no-obligation consultation to see if you qualify.

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